September 26


Acoustic/Singer songwriter

Artists’ Welcome reception sponsored by T-Watt Amplifiers

7pm – 10pm

7:30 The Dojo Atlanta

9:00 Na!ra Atlanta



Spoken Word/Poetry/EMC

Hosted by Andre Neff

9pm – 11pm

9:10 Andre Neff New Orleans

9:30 John Sinclair Detroit

10:20 Truth Universal New Orleans



September 27

Gallier Hall

Gallier Hall

Theater 1st Floor

Live Recording Session


Susan Cowsill

6 – 8:00pm

Gallier Hall

2nd Floor Grand Ballroom A

12noon – 11pm mix bag

12:00 Erika Summers New Orleans

12:40 Lisa Sanders San Marcos/CA

1:20 Unpainted Souls Tampa

2:00 Na!ra Atlanta

3:30 Marlon Jordan Quartet New Orleans

4:20 Collage New Orleans

5:00 The Dojo Atlanta

6:00 Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes Dallas

6:30 Lifetime Achievement Award to Louisiana Music Factory

7:10 Copper Box Oshkosh

8:00 Gravy Flavored Kisses New Orleans

8:50 Daddy B New Orleans

9:30 New Orleans Women in Music Show

2nd Floor Council Ballroom


8pm – 11pm

7:55 Andy Macintyre Austin

8:45 Firebug New Orleans

9:35 Tributraties New Orleans


acoustic/singer songwriter

Hosted by Lynn Drury

7pm – 1am

8:00 Jesse Brooks New Orleans

8:40 Matt Johnson Colieyville

9:30 Nicole Bowman Sanford/FL

10:20 TBA

11:10 Lynn Drury New Orleans

12:00 KayleMarie Thomson Ankeny/IA

12:45 TBA



7pm – 12:30am

Hosted By Olga Wilhelmine

8:00 Sweet Jones New Orleans

9:00 Jerra Blues Band Brooklyn/NY

10:00 Misty Blues Boston/MA

11:00 Muskett Brothers Blues Show Milroy/IN

12:00 Boukou Groove Miramar Beach/FL


September 28

Gallier Hall

Theater 1st Floor

Live Recording Session


Deering and Down

5:30 – 7:30pm

Cutting Edge Gospel Celebration

8pm – 12:am

8:00 Caleb Berg Band Baton Rouge

8:25 Erskin Anavitarte Ferris/TX

8:45 The Soul Consolators Magnolia

9:10 Gospel Soul Children New Orleans

9:35 Mesha Iglehart-Helair New Orleans

10:00 Collage New Orleans

10:25 Zack Landry New Orleans

10:45 John Mosley and Friends New Orleans

11:10 Robert Pate and Company New Orleans

Gallier Hall

2nd Floor Grand Ballroom A

Mix Bag

12noon – 11:30pm

12:00 Lynn Drury New Orleans

12:40 Jerra Blues Band Brooklyn/NY

1:20 Boukou Groove Miramar Beach/FL

2:00 Saul Paul Austin

2:40 Eliel Lyn Taylor/MI

3:10 Desmond New Orleans

4:00 Rayo Brothers Lafayette/LA

4:30 Berthana Burks New Orleans

5:10 Tyler Matl Hendersonville/TN

5:40 Dyslexic Postcards Miami

6:15 Lindsay Mendez New Orleans

7:05 GreyHawk Perkins Slidell/LA

7:55 Eliza Kelly Woodstock/GA

8:45 4Mag Nitrous New Orleans

9:30 James Popik/Ten Foot Tall Band Hopewell/NJ

10:15 Fed of Me Dallas/TX

11:00 Cut Through The Dawn Lafayette/LA

Gallier Hall

2nd Floor Council Ballroom


7pm – 12am

7:00 Green Demons New Orleans

7:55 Small Room 9 Hattiesburg/MS

8:45 Liquid Peace Revolution New Orleans

9:35 Prestor John Bastrop/LA

10:25 The Unnaturals New Orleans

11:15 The Parishioners New Orleans


acoustic/singer songwriter

6pm – 1am

6:00 Artist Open Mic

7:00 Tom Levin New York/Sweden

7:50 Frank Hurd Elon/NC

8:40 TBA

9:30 Carlo Ditta & John Sinclair New Orleans/Detroit

10:20 Ruby Rendrag New Orleans

11:10 Amanda McDowell Farmerville/LA

12:00 All Good Things Milwaukee/WI



7pm – 1:30am

7:00 Kyndra Joi New Orleans

8:00 Felice Guimont New Orleans

9:00 Urban Austin Austin

10:00 Debra Rider Atlantic Beach/FL

10:30 All Purpose Blues Band

11:15 Clif St. Laurent Baton Rouge

12:15 Urban Austin Austin

1:15 Caesar Brothers New Orleans

Howlin’ Wolf DEN


12am – 2am

12:00 DiNOLA New Orleans

1:00 Deering and Down Austin

Hyatt Hotel

Jazz Live at the Hyatt

8:00 pm – 12:00am


Cruisin’ New Orleans Car Show Event

8:00 Tanya Bouttee New Orleans

9:00 EnVee Miami/FL

10:00 Lisa Sanders San Marcos/CA

11:00 Anais St. John New Orleans

Lafayette Square

NOLA Downtown music and arts festival

4:30am – 9:30pm

4:00 Gerald French & The Original Tuxedo Band tribute to Bob French New Orleans

4:45 The Breton Sound New Orleans

5:30 Evan Goodrow Band Boston

6:20 Stephanie Jordan New Orleans

7:10 Pyr Kyd performance and video New Orleans

New Music for an Old Movie”

7:30 -8:45 Screening of the silent movie “Tarzan of the Apes with Live performance by Evan Goodrow Band, Unpainted Souls and Ratty Scurvics

8:50 The Way Road: All Good Things – Short film by Michael Hofstedt on musician John Petty’s development as an artist.



September 29

Gallier Hall

Theater 1st Floor

Open Mic

Hosted by Jonathan Tankel

5:30 – 9:00pm

Followed by

Cutting Edge Film & Media Rodeo

With the “So Bad They Are Good” films screenings

9:00 – 10:00 pm

Comedy Show

10 – 12am

Andrew Dawson- Boston, Jonah Bascle- Nola, Byron Raila- Nola, Matt Wayman- Nola, Patrick Sirios- Austin, Tony Frederick- Nola, Sarah Wild- Nola, Brian Bonhagen- Nola, Lawson Bennett- Austin, Scotty Peterson- Austin, Gen Getman- Austin

Gallier Hall

2nd Floor Grand Ballroom A

World/r&b/hip hop/dj

2:30pm – 12pm

2:30 Keith Lewis Blues with special guest Theryl Houseman DeClouet New Orleans

3:30 R&B Show


(Order of appearance set at show time)

Iris P, Thomas Hyde, Royal

Quinten Corvette, Dominoe Ch’Yea, Al Beauti,

(Order of appearance set at show time)

5:30 The Show, Mo’ Blak, Novacaine, Theolodge, Smoke Dizzle, Rugged & Raw, Gifted DA Flamethrowa, Exqwizite, S. J. Lacy, Woo Child and more..

8:00 Urban Austin Austin

8:45 Tabula Rasa New Orleans

9:30 The Dojo with Free Agents Brass Band Atlanta/New Orleans

10:45 DJ Show, Chris Couture, DJ B.I.G. Willie

Gallier Hall

2nd Floor Council Ballroom


7pm – 12pm

Punk Rock and Pizza

7:00 Wayside Monroe/LA

7:55 The New Miami/FL

8:45 Jason and the Kreugers Lafayette/LA

9:35 Hot Rails to Hell Austin

10:25 Split Lips NOLA New Orleans

11:15 The Consortium of Genius


Acoustic/singer songwriter

7pm – 1:30am

7:00 Dixie Taylor Baton Rouge

7:50 Saul Paul Austin

8:40 Aaron and Amanda Konzelman Rosharon/TX

9:30 Eliel Lyn Taylor/MI

10:20 Patrick Joseph Los Angeles/CA

11:10 Evan Christian Milwaukee/WI

12:00 Kevin Stylez New Orleans

12:50 Unpainted Souls Tampa/FL



8pm – 2am

8:00 Lenny Green New Orleans

9:00 Ta’ Marah Esi New Orleans

10:00 Sugar Funk Baton Rouge

11:00 Ingrid Gerdes Boston/MA

12:00 …just us here… Piermont/NY

1:00 Henry Turner Baton Rouge

Howlin Wolf DEN


11pm – 2:30am

11:00 Peter Gunn New Orleans

12:00 Smokin Toads Austin

1:00 The Breton Sound New Orleans

2:00 Ratty Scurvics Trio New Orleans

Hyatt Hotel

Jazz Live at the Hyatt

8:00 pm – 12:00am

8:00 Mycah Chevalier Silver Spring/MD

9:00 Barbara Short New Orleans

10:00 Stephanie Jordan New Orleans

11:00 Anais St. John New Orleans

Lafayette Square

NOLA Downtown music and arts festival

11:00am – 9:30pm

11:00 Urban Austin Austin

12:12 Raw Revolution New Orleans

1:00 Herman Astro Milwaukee/WI

1:50 Gina Brown New Orleans

2:40 Weapons of Mass DeFunktion Madison/WI

3:30 Soulscript New Orleans

4:20 Larry Gee Dallas/TX

5:15 Jam All Production New Orleans

6:00 DiNOLA New Orleans

7:00 Egg Yolk Jubilee New Orleans

Treme 200th Year Anniversary Party

Mardi Gras in September

8:00 Africa Brass with the FiYaYa Mardi Gras Indians, The Free Agents Brass Band, James Andrews